The power to make the right call!

As seasoned electrical contractors in Perth and its surrounding areas, our team has seen its fair share of “unique” jobs. Sadly, on too many occasions, it is left to us to undo the mess that other contractors have created.

Be it for residential electrical repairs, commercial electrical service, hot water repairs, general electrical repair and maintenance, spare parts, electrical warranty service, or air conditioning services, there are not many electrical contractors in Perth that offer such diversity of service throughout Western Australia!

It is precisely this diversity of services, under a single roof, that has kept many of our customers coming back to us – time and time again – whenever they need reliable service.

So why experiment with unproven or untested electrical contractors in Perth when the Camtec Team is here to help?

Electrical Contractors Perth putting YOU first

We are hard wired to always put YOU, our customer, first!   Not many electrical contractors in Perth take customer service as seriously as the Camtec Team. It’s what we do.

And…we have the credentials to back that up:

  • Member of Master Electricians
  • Accredited Installer by Clean Energy Council
  • Member of the Australian Refrigeration Council
  • …and a whole lot more!

So when you call us in to help you with a particular situation, you’ll be dealing with some of the most trusted electrical contractors in Perth. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that the technician you are dealing with is a highly trained, fully licensed and exceptionally experienced professional.

And…here we grow again!

Our commitment to excel in everything we do has lead us on a path to growing our business. Our recent acquisition of DACAPS and Customer Service Plaza now means YOU – the customer – will be working with one of most experienced electrical contractors in Perth.

Our expansion also means that:

  • You’ll have more services at your disposal
  • We’ll have more professionals to help you with your electrical and other warranty, service and maintenance challenges
  • You can expect the same exceptional service levels that many of our existing clients have come to know us for!

With all this growth and expansion, one thing has remained static: Our unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Make the right call!

With so much to offer you, it gives us no pleasure to see clients and prospective clients working with other electrical contractors in Perth that just don’t meet our high standards of professionalism.  But as a valued client, you should know that we’ll always stand by you. Even when they falter, we’re always there to make it right!

As consumers, you are always in control of the type of service you receive. Seasoned electrical contractors in Perth will tell you that, when you make that call for help, you put into motion a set of events that could ultimately determine whether your issue is resolved professionally – or whether it’s worse off!

At Camtec Electrical, we have the power to do right by you…but only YOU have the power to make the right call!