About Us


The Camtec Group is a family owned and run business that has been built on three simple principles;  

Look after your staff- Be good to your clients- Produce work with pride 

Originally established as Camtec Electrical in 2001 by our founder and Managing Director Tim Webb, Camtec has been fortunate to have been able to expand and grow to provide over 20 service vans, obtain multiple contracts with leading retailers and also being able to service the whole metro area of Perth and beyond. 

With the acquisition of highly experienced staff such as Sam Alliston our head electrician and the merging of our different business units, we have been able to expand Camtec into four distinct departments within the Camtec group.  

Camtec Electrical – Camtec Air Conditioning – Camtec Appliances – Camtec Spare Parts 

Camtec electrical encompasses all of our domestic, commercial and industrial projects for our electricians such as; 

  • Solar power 
  • LED lighting 
  • Cabling Services 
  • Energy management 
  • Smart wiring and automation 

Camtec Air conditioning is where we focus on the installation and repair of air conditioner units in and out of warranty. We are also qualified member of the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) and frequently work with brands such as; 

  • Samsung 
  • Daikin 
  • Kelvinator 
  • Mitsubishi 
  • Panasonic 
  • Fujitsu 

Our Camtec appliances division covers the repair, installation and servicing of all your home appliances in and out of warranty including; 

  • Kitchen appliances 
  • Laundry appliances 
  • Commercial appliances 
  • Home entertainment appliances 
  • Gas & Electrical cooking appliances 

For more information on the brands we fix visit our appliance repairs tab! 

Our spare parts division are for the home fixers or more commonly tradesman, we have many contracts to provide genuine parts for multiple brands that you may not be able to get anywhere else. Our spare parts team can identify the part you need to fix any appliances you may have in your home or office. 

Click here to see some of the brands that we supply parts for!